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What makes a great lifeguard? Usually it’s the training, supervision and communication they receive before they step foot on your pool deck.


Our service technicians are available for one-day or multi-day contracts. They are there for you and have the resource to make fast repairs.


As a full-service company, our construction is done in-house. From design to completion, we take pride in creating new environments for families to enjoy.

Affordable Swimming Pool Designs

At Pool and Pump, everything is done to give you freedom as a pool owner when it comes to residential pool services.

Our Pool Service Packages eliminate the need to ever buy pool chemicals, pool cleaning equipment or worry about scheduling a pool repair service at a moments notice. We offer regularly pool chemical services, pool cleaning services and pool repair services to homes.

  • Need Your Pool Fixed Today?
  • Pumps, Filters & Chlorinators
  • Green Pool Cleans Or Regular Service
  • Plumbing Repairs & Fault Finding
  • You Need A Pool Built?

Inground Pool Designs

We’re always working to exceed your expectations, and the level of professionalism within the pool industry as a whole.

Our Services

  • Premium Pool Chemical Service
  • Standard Pool Chemical Service
  • Conventional Pool Chemical Service
  • Weekley Full Cleaning
  • Brush/Basket/Filters
  • Service & Repairs of Pumps
  • Once Per Month Backwash
  • Specialty Cleaning
  • Renovations
  • Marbelite
  • Chlorinators
  • Water Testing
  • Pool Building
  • Safety Nets
  • Solar Panels

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